FireFox 3.0 beta1 尚未正式发布
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晕倒哦,就在人们以为 FireFox 3.0 beta 1 已经正式发布后几个小时,Mozilla 官方发布了一条声明 ,原文如下:

(Hi! You may have been redirected here while looking for the Firefox 3 Beta. We’re sad to say that it’s not actually ready yet, but we’re awfully happy that you stopped by. Read on for more details!)

At around 4am PST today, the last of the Firefox 3 Beta 1 release candidate builds appeared on our public FTP. This was mistakenly reported on Digg as the official release of the first Firefox 3 Beta. It’s extremely flattering to get this sort of attention, and we know that it’s motivated by the very best of intentions, but it does cause us three major problems:

  1. The release candidate builds have not been thoroughly tested by our QA group,
  2. we haven’t completed all the steps required for a beta release (see below), and
  3. these builds aren’t being mirrored properly on our servers.

Before a release candidate is released to the public we let our Quality Assurance team put it through a bunch of tests (if you’d like to participate in this activity, by the way, you’re absolutely welcome to join our Firefox Beta Test Day on Friday), write release notes, and put together a page that appears when someone first runs the beta to help them understand what’s new and how they can give us their feedback. At the same time, our localization teams make the final translation fixes, and our build team generates versions in as many languages as we have ready to go. The final step is to “sign” the builds digitally, authenticating that they came from Mozilla.

So, if all this needs to be done before a release candidate can actually be handed out to users, why do we put these “release candidate” builds on a public server? Well, because we’re an open source project, and we put all of our builds on public servers.

For now, we’ve restricted access to the builds by HTTP, meaning that if you click the link in Digg, you’ll see this page instead of the builds. We’ve done this to protect our own bandwidth, and also to limit the distribution of what’s essentially an unfinished product. People can still use FTP clients to get the release candidates, and if they want to help QA test the beta, we encourage people to do so! If not, however, we’d ask you to wait another week or so, at which point we expect to have the final beta release available for public consumption.

Stay tuned for more detailed timelines and estimates for the official release date of Firefox 3 Beta 1, which should appear here a little later today.


FTP上找到的其实是 Firefox 3 Beta 1 release candidate,即 beta 1 的候选版本。

但是不知为啥,l10n的目录并没有标 candidate。

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