Google Play 错误解释以及解决方案
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原文: XDA

许多人在 Play 商店下载 app 的时候遇到问题,甚至无法下载,大多数时候翻个墙,或者重启就能解决,但也有时候这些方法都不灵光了,好讨厌啊。


error 491:




  • 移除 Google 帐号;
  • 重启,再添加 Google 帐号;
  • 清除 Google Play 服务数据,并强行停止。


error 498:




这个问题是因为你的设备的缓存满了。删除无用的程序和文件后,重启手机的 Recover 模式,wipe cache,正常开机。


error 919:






error 413:




清除 Google Play 服务的数据并且强行停止,然后清空浏览器缓存。


error 923:




  1. 移除 Google 帐号
  2. 删除不用的app;
  3. 重启设备到 recovery 模式;
  4. wipe cache(不会清空有用数据);
  5. 正常开机;
  6. 再次添加 Google 帐号。


error 921:




  • 删除 Play 商店缓存
  • 删除 Play 商店数据。
  • 移除 Google 帐号
  • 重启手机。


error 403:




  • 使用正确的 Google 帐号登录 Play 商店
  • 卸载问题应用
  • 尝试再次下载应用。


error 492:


因为 dalvik 虚拟机缓存无法安装应用。


under settings, find apps, then swipe to all and scroll down to google services. Here, select clear data and then force stop. Do the same on the google play store app.

Note: If the problem is not solved, try deleting the dalvik cache. To do this, enter the custom recovery mode (only if you have root). Another solution is to complete a data wipe/ factory reset. This option applies to all users and can be done in recovery mode. Beware, it will wipe your data so make sure you have backed up everything you wish to keep.


error 927


the download is impossible because an update of the play store is in progress.


wait a few minutes until the google play store is completely upgraded. If the problem persists, go to settings, then apps, swipe to all and locate the google services. Tap on clear data and then force stop. Do the same with the google play store application.


error 101:




卸载不需要的 app

清除 Google Play 应用数据,重新登陆谷歌账号。



error 481:


Google 帐号错误。


移除 Google 帐号后再添加,或者干脆使用另一个帐号。


error 911:

app could not be downloaded due to an error 911


Method 1: Clear the google play store data

method 2: If you are using a wifi connection that requires a webpage login, then your authentication has probably expired. Log in to the apn again via your android browser. Open google play store and run the app update again . If that didn’t work the problem is with the wifi network itself.

Method 3: Simply switch to another wifi network and run the update. The error 911 should disappear for the new wifi network.

Method 4: Use your mobile network data services instead of wifi. Turn wifi off and then turn your data on and now open your google play store and download/update your apps or games. However, this method is only suited for apps and games that are small sized. For larger updates you should use your wifi network to save data charge.


error 919:



修改 apn 设置



error 920:

无法下载 app


方法 1:

关闭 wi-fi 后再打开

方法 2:

  • 删除 Google 帐号
  • 重启设备
  • 添加 Google 帐号,或者干脆使用另一个帐号。

方法 3:

  • 清除 Google play store 的数据和缓存
  • 删除 google play store 的更新
  • 重启设备,打开 google play store


error 941:

while trying to run updates

clear cache and clear data of google play store
clear cache and data download manager


error 504:

“app” could not be downloaded due to an error. (504)


Method 1:

clear data and clear cache of google play store & google service framework

method 2:

remove your gmail account rebbot and Re-add


error 495:

while downloading apps and games from play store


Method 1:

clear cache and Data of google play store and google services framework
method 2:

remove your gmail account and Restart then Re-Add the google account

error rh01:

error retrieving information from server.


Method 1:

clear cache and Data of google play store and google services framework

method 2:

remove your gmail account And Re-Add


error rpc:s-5:aec-0:

error retrieving information from server.

Solution :
Open system settings

clear cache and uninstall updates of google play store,download manager and google services framework


error -24

unkown still now but its coming on kitkat due to art problems

- Using a root file manager, go to /data/data
- Find the package name of the app you're wanting to install (Don't know the package name? Find the app you're wanting to install on the Play Store online and it's in the URL)
- Delete that folder. All of it.
- Try to install your app again, it should work now

package file invalid:

this issue comes due to playstore


method 1 for update error:

select your app & clear cache and data
run update again in google play

method 2:

Install app through google play store website

method 3:

Turn off wi-fi and install or update app in google play store via 3g or 4g data connection of your mobile.

Method 4:

clear cache and data of google play store & google service framework

remove Google account.
Restart device and add your google account back.

installation unssuccesful error:

name explains the problem

here are the methods to fix “installation unsuccessful error in google play store”


-uninstall and reinstall app

-clear market cache

-uninstall google play update

-unmount sdcard then proceed to app installation

-many people have successfully resolved this issue by unmounting their sdcards before running an update in google play.

-delete .android_secure folder



download unsuccessful errors:


First method:

Open settingsdownload unsuccessful error fix google play
go to “manage applications or apps” then select “all” apps
select “google play store” from the list
force stop, clear cache and clear data
do the same for clearing “google application framework(google play services)” and “google account manager” from the list of apps.
Open google play and you will be asked to sign in.
Sign in with your gmail account and download your apps or games

note: From the apps list, you may also have to clear data for “google play services, google app (that is not downloading or updating), browser, downloads and download manager (in case browser download problem).

you can use this same method for fixing “error processing purchase df-bpa-09”.

alternative method:

If the first method didn’t work, you can try to delete your gmail account from settings. However, deleting primary gmail account will require a factory reset unless you have rooted your phone.

Assuming your device is rooted, follow this link on how to delete your gmail account.
Now clear cache and data for google play store like in the first method.
Restart your android device.
Add your gmail accounts (settings->accounts->add account)
open and sign in google play and then start your download

if non of the above methods failed follow the methods below:
Method 1: Clear cache of google play services and play store.
method 2 : Uninstall updated of google play services and play store.
method 3 : Remove you account and add again and try.
method 4 : Flash the gapps again. Then sign in
another solution for this error.

Reason you get error is slow connection speed.

Try to download the app again the error will go.. Try 2-3 times.


no connection:

you cant connect to playstore even if you have internet


1-clear cache
2-check date
3-check google account


error rpc:aec:0]


Can't download apps

-移除 google 帐号
-清除 Play 商店数据



RPC:S-3 error retrieving information from server


Can't download apps


remove google account and add it again or add another one

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